In an “Obama” State of Mind

Today is a day of reflection and nostalgic look back on what a great president, a good person, looks like. Short of words, long on tears.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I am sickened, disheartened, and could scream so many times these days. These days of lies bantered around as facts by an “arrogant bastard” as my mom calls him. You know the one with no facts, just accusations who keeps everyone from looking behind the scenes at what Congress is attempting to do.

When did lying, cheating, disrespecting, and hating any diversity become acceptable? When did the USA I grew up in and loved for its’ richness of diversity and depth of character, its’ compassion and willingness to lend a helping hand become this? When did decency become illegal and reason to beat one up, if not physically at least verbally?

Time to speak up and speak out! Now is not the time to remain quiet.

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Constitution? We don’t need no stinking Constitution.

In the past three weeks, the “Protect-Drumpf-at-All-Costs” camp has stirred the pot, attempted to normalize indecency and indiscretion, utilized the bully tactics against any who might question their lies, and has been nothing short of batshit crazy.

Since the Republicans have turned a deaf ear to their constituents, there will be no impeachment. Invoking amendment 25 probably won’t happen. So what is the protocol when the president of the United States of America goes to jail? He is going to slip up one too many times, rant one too many times, and someone is going to finally turn over the “smoking gun” that will put him away.

Our constitution will protect us and the judiciary will see to it. My faith in the system was wavering but the 9th circuit court’s decision today, steadied it up. And given my hope that sooner rather than later, we will see the end of this travesty called Drumpf.

Pence? That is for another post and day.


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Enough! Stop Idiocracy!

I know I am not the only one who is beyond themselves with consternation about the lack of credibility of the current president of USA. He seems to think  no one knows anything but him? He simply makes up stuff to fit his reality. Then when he is corrected or even questioned, he attacks defiantly and without thought.

Why is he allowed to “govern” without a mental health check-up? Amendment 25 needs to be implemented and not soon, now.

While there are some who are worried he will start a war, I think most of the rest of the world knows we are dealing with someone who is playing with a full deck. I am not even sure the light is on and no one is home.

Those who are in charge, please do your job!

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I will not “get over it” but I am moving on!

I did not vote for Drumpf. I do not support the current regime in DC. Do not tell me, to get over it. I am moving on. I am moving on to Resistance!

I will not be silent. I will not be blind. I will be angry and use that as motivation to remain vigilant. Drumpf must be stopped from destroying my country. Those who do nothing in Congress also must be stopped.

I do not have extra money as a full-time student nor time finishing up my dissertation, but I do have the desire for my nephews, nieces, grandchildren to live in a free, democratic country. I will not stop fighting this ugly time. He is not my president.


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The Audacity to Hope (borrowing from the honorable Barack Obama)

I keep telling myself this too will pass and things will be okay. But the absolute hating, crudeness, bullying, arrogant, smugness of those who “won” have not set well in my craw. In fact, I KNOW those who voted in the 44th president, did not behave that way; at least the ones I know. Ugly, ugly, ugly behavior that breaks my heart; and makes me dread the next four years.

However, I hope that those who have the power to stop it, will. That they will stand up and say enough! I take my cue from a compassionate, honorable human being and will have the audacity to hope.

I didn’t realize how much I would be grieving on the eve of the resistance. I do tire of fighting for what is right and just and good. But there is no way I will stop. I haven’t made it to 61.5 years of age just to give up or to stop working for the improvement of all lives’ standards of living.

But it will be darker before it is light.


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Yes, we can

I refuse to let go of the grace, compassion, humble eight years of the Obama presidency. The first family made our country look good nationally and internationally. I will not embrace the hate, the narcissistic rhetoric and behavior that replaces President Obama.

I resent that the pe thinks America is not already great. Only in a great country could such a sham occur. And the next time I hear how pe won by a landslide, well, it isn’t true. Yes, won the electoral college but the public mandate was not this ugly person. Ugly yes. Mean-spirited, crude, and no sense of decency. I refuse though to be embarrassed by his actions or those of his supporters. They do not represent me and I will continue to carry on the goodness in my heart.

Congress. They have done nothing but drag their feet for 8 years. They have given themselves raises; have life-long health care and income; they have a comfy life. Some Congress people are driven by a moral compass of compassion, honesty, and really do work for the American people. But hearing vpe say that the new pe will put “America first” makes me laugh through tears. There is nothing in past behavior of pe or republicans or congress (generally) that leads me to believe that. That is fake news!
I will fight the fights I know; I expect others to fight the fights they know. We will not just preserve, but succeed in preventing total annihilation of the America I am proud of, the America that is just, good, and moral in terms of the Golden Rule.
But it will be a fight. I will honor President Obama, his family, and the real people who believe in the good first. Oh, and I expect evidence, irrefutable evidence for all decisions and proclamations.

Yes, we can!

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