The Audacity to Hope (borrowing from the honorable Barack Obama)

I keep telling myself this too will pass and things will be okay. But the absolute hating, crudeness, bullying, arrogant, smugness of those who “won” have not set well in my craw. In fact, I KNOW those who voted in the 44th president, did not behave that way; at least the ones I know. Ugly, ugly, ugly behavior that breaks my heart; and makes me dread the next four years.

However, I hope that those who have the power to stop it, will. That they will stand up and say enough! I take my cue from a compassionate, honorable human being and will have the audacity to hope.

I didn’t realize how much I would be grieving on the eve of the resistance. I do tire of fighting for what is right and just and good. But there is no way I will stop. I haven’t made it to 61.5 years of age just to give up or to stop working for the improvement of all lives’ standards of living.

But it will be darker before it is light.


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Yes, we can

I refuse to let go of the grace, compassion, humble eight years of the Obama presidency. The first family made our country look good nationally and internationally. I will not embrace the hate, the narcissistic rhetoric and behavior that replaces President Obama.

I resent that the pe thinks America is not already great. Only in a great country could such a sham occur. And the next time I hear how pe won by a landslide, well, it isn’t true. Yes, won the electoral college but the public mandate was not this ugly person. Ugly yes. Mean-spirited, crude, and no sense of decency. I refuse though to be embarrassed by his actions or those of his supporters. They do not represent me and I will continue to carry on the goodness in my heart.

Congress. They have done nothing but drag their feet for 8 years. They have given themselves raises; have life-long health care and income; they have a comfy life. Some Congress people are driven by a moral compass of compassion, honesty, and really do work for the American people. But hearing vpe say that the new pe will put “America first” makes me laugh through tears. There is nothing in past behavior of pe or republicans or congress (generally) that leads me to believe that. That is fake news!
I will fight the fights I know; I expect others to fight the fights they know. We will not just preserve, but succeed in preventing total annihilation of the America I am proud of, the America that is just, good, and moral in terms of the Golden Rule.
But it will be a fight. I will honor President Obama, his family, and the real people who believe in the good first. Oh, and I expect evidence, irrefutable evidence for all decisions and proclamations.

Yes, we can!

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Comedy of Errors but I am not laughing

The gop candidate who may have won the electoral college vote has protested for months about the election being rigged. Now one of his campaign staffers have been convicted of voter fraud (1, 2). I truly think someone who complains a lot about something, has a reason to do so. My take is the pe [president-elect; I still cannot wrap my fingers around typing his name] was rigging elections so obviously the democrats or other parties must be doing it too. With the popular vote so different, with a few states margins of difference less than 1% (.46%) (3), one wonders? Hmm could there be a mistake? Fraud?

In Michigan, the difference was .2% (4) and was just called November 28. last Monday. With the charge of voter fraud against a pe staffer (1, 2) and Drumpf filing to stop the recount (5, 6); one wonders even more why the problem is that he wouldn’t welcome a recount, if won legally.

Methinks he doth protest too much and methinks we will find out he is illegally conducting more than election business in the long run. I just am not sure I can wait that long.

Check your news sources, at least two, maybe even three sources to ensure you are not reading fake news. After all it is the responsibility of the individual to check facts and sources.

Instead of laughing or crying, though speak up and speak out! Loud, clear, and with the facts!

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Fake News? Reader Be Educated.

I know two posts in one day. However, this perturbs me that people are upset with “fake News.” Uh, whose responsibility is it to fact-check, to understand, to be informed. The reader. While it would be nice if the writer would do it, greed has overtaken reporting the facts, and nothing but the facts.

Social media has made gullible even more important than just the facts too. I have absolutely no problem with any CEOs, administrators of social media sites, or other posting people/corporations. I am the only one responsible for believing what I read. And if I cannot verify a story, if there is only one source stating what I read, then I doubt. further I go to websites that fact-check for me. From there I follow-up with their citations and then maybe then I might repost or believe. But trust everything I read on the Internet?  Are you kidding me? Oh you are not.

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After the shock, now the anger?

Fortunately this week has brought me plenty of work-idle brain time is not good since election day in America. My shock though has worn off and now I am angry. Angry that I didn’t participate more? No. I did my fair share.

Angry that immoral, illegal, racist, misogyny, bigotry has been ignored or even made “respectable” by those who voted for Drumpf. [My blog, I can complain about the GOP candidate who is president-elect without a majority of the popular vote by more than 1 million votes and they aren’t all counted yet! ] Angry that experienced, competent, and female was too much a threat especially after an African-American president.Angry that all the human rights, minorities in the United States of America have fought so hard for seem to be in danger of being not only ignored but done away with. Angry that christians think Drumpf is wonderful but what about those christian values? Angry that I have to wait four years before we can throw the bum out.

But not too angry to accomplish what I am working on right now; nor to stand up for those who cannot, and to speak out for those who cannot. I am not taking this sitting down nor quietly. I have, we have come too far to let one man and his minority of “deplorables” destroy.

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We all fall down

Travesty. Downright disgusting travesty to have blatant sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. In the White House. No decent, moral, respectful human should allow it. However, many Evangelical christians voted for the president-elect. Another reason I do not belong to any organized religious sect.

If he had not won, oh my goodness. Can you imagine the bedlam? The protests? The outrage? And they are now empowered to take their hatred, their ignorance, their fear, yes their fear out on others they determine are not white males or the woman of a white male and eve then the woman is not safe. After all, women are possessions to do what ever you please with or to.

The only thing that is keeping me from saying what I really want to say, is my mother. If she ever found out I used that language in a public place, holy moly! I would be in deep trouble and even at my age could be grounded!

I still cannot grasp, wrap my head around how anyone could respect Drumpf. How? Or his cult? I am a little scared-I travel alone a lot; but I am not so afraid that I will stop. Just extra precautions, I already will not stop at rest areas at night or if there are no other cars. If only one car, I keep on driving. I will not engage with drivers who are jerks. I am cautious at gas stations and truck stops, small towns, and even stoplights/signs.Backroads? Shortcuts? Depends if they are paved or not.

But I am not afraid of standing up for myself. I am not afraid to size up the situation and respond appropriately to keep myself safe. And I will not stop speaking up and out for those treated unjustly, unequally, or worse. My grandmothers and great grandmothers, and great aunts, and cousins removed all had it much worse. I cannot let them down. I cannot let an arrogant bastard (my mother’s words not mine) steal what they do not deserve or ar even worthy of.

The resistance is in full swing! Love will prevail and I will stay stronger together with other like-minded women and men.

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Abrupt Reality Check

Angry? No not really. Disappointed? Absolutely! Scared? Somewhat. Afraid? Yes. The vortex of feelings this week after a minority of the voting population elected Drumpf for president of the US America. Despite the popular majority vote going to HRC. The electoral college makes the final decision for president and supposedly they will vote for Drumpf. That is the way is has always been. Why would it change now?

Except this campaign has been like no other-at least in my lifetime. Perhaps we will see even more oddities before someone is inaugurated as the 45th president of the US America.

There are so many ironies, hypocrisies, protests, and gloating. Sadly those who think they won, will find that “their” president does not care for them at all. Has no use for them. This makes me very sad. I dislike seeing people being manipulated. Was I manipulated to vote for someone other than the GOP candidate? Possibly except that I pay little attention to public media, read behind the scenes reports, listen to foreign news stations, and then look at the actions and records. I doubt most of what I read in the press or hear in the news. To the point, that I probably am missing some truths as well. However, the only person that my vote counts for is me. I voted my conscience, I voted with research and data, I voted for the candidate that I thought would take care of the majority of people. I will live with my vote and I will live with the winner of the electoral college vote. But it doesn’t mean I am going to roll over and lie low for 2-4 years waiting for the next presidential election or even the mid-term election.

No, it means that I will continue my vigilance of injustice, inequity, and inequalities. I will continue to speak up and out. I probably will do so even more now. While I am not a member of a specific religious organization, I truly believe in and live in the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” (New Testament, Matt 7.12).


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