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Complicit:┬áinvolved with others in an illegal activity or wrongdoing. ( Am I complicit for not speaking out against wrong? Good question. Daily, I want to scream out, “What is wrong with you people?” Who are the “you people?” Those who … Continue reading

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Completion is Imminent

I defended my dissertation this past week successfully. My committee only asked for me to clean up the typos, a few edits for clarification or correction of format. I am the one who wants to add a table or two. … Continue reading

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Long Few Months

I was on a good monthly even bi-weekly posting streak but then this semester happened. I finished a draft of my dissertation that was accepted by my committee and I defend in less than two weeks. However, the time writing … Continue reading

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Idiocracy: not just a movie

I choose to believe that there are people in our current regime that will stop the president’s bullying, especially of Kim jong Un. But not seeing it. Why won’t someone stop this insane, narcissistic’s idiot behavior? As a citizen, I … Continue reading

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Mathematics: Manmade tool for counting

Mathematics. Why do we talk about mathematics with a negative tone, negative voice, negative attitude? All of mathematics-all genres, all forms are constructed from humans’ observations of our natural world. Even algebra with its unknowns and letters for numbers is … Continue reading

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Reflections on birth days

A long time ago, my first husband offered me adventure, carefree living, and a partner. Today is his birth anniversary. I am old enough now to think back and see that this relationship was never going to succeed but that … Continue reading

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Aha relief from the pain!

Have been in having a sharp pain in my back, between the shoulder blades. Discovered the cause, removed the knife. Feel so much better. Now I can move on.

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