Only dead fish go with the flow hence my choice of blog name. I am hardly a fish, let alone dead. Sometimes going with the flow would have been easier but it would have also meant a compromise of my own sense of justice in the world.

I often find myself at odds with the conservative, male-dominated community I live and work in; the inequities are slap-in-your-face or slip by without a noise; even those close to me often will succumb to the easier less controversial path just to get by. I don’t and yes, it does make my life more difficult, sometimes lonely, but I sleep at night knowing I didn’t compromise myself.

This blog will be mostly random thoughts about life’s inequities even in the 21st century for women, teachers, children . . .whatever happens to be the cause of the day, week, month . . . .

This is also a means for me to release thoughts without intruding on friends and family. Sometimes I just need to think out loud!


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