Long Few Months

I was on a good monthly even bi-weekly posting streak but then this semester happened. I finished a draft of my dissertation that was accepted by my committee and I defend in less than two weeks. However, the time writing and not writing has taken its toll on my body-physically and mentally and I crashed about two days ago. Slept for almost 24 hours in the last 48, but not continuously. Breathe deeply, release, repeat.

First, the political scene is just too much: two much ineptitude, too much disgust, too much attack on everyone but the very, very rich. I have had to delete so many “news” groups and stick with traditional mainstream news and even then selectively.

Second, my gosh the climate and weather! Friends affected by one of the many hurricanes and let’s just say Puerto Rico deserves so much more. I have donated what I can since my income has been severely restricted this fall. Puerto Rico was my last straw of any hope that the political entities would do any good.

Third, Vegas shooting happened. Former student, family, all safe but barely. I do not like substituting profanity for strong English words, but WTF is going on with governments that they cannot see what is better for humans????

When it is all done and said, my sacrifices to obtain my doctorate are nothing compared to the natural and unnatural disasters. I have access to monies if I have to and I finally had to, even though I signed a contract for a salary this semester 5-6 weeks ago (depends on whether counting business days or 7-day weeks), as nothing has arrived in. And even that has taken a strange turn as instead of direct deposit a checked is mailed to my home address, not my student address. And transferring monies to my student account takes forever. But I have monies so I cannot complain. I even paid one oh my credit card accounts (I only have two) extra so I am using that credit to live off this month. I am not good at using a credit card to purchase food. . .but I do.

So many changes in “normal” operating routine because I didn’t finish my degree this summer. As I said it could be worse. . .and my complaining is just nothing compared to those who really have hardships in life.

The longing to be home with my family though wears me down into a darkness that only music and exercise can pull me back out. So darn it getting healthier!

Long two months since my last post, but more than surviving! Excelling. . . and meeting goals of a life-time dream.


About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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