The Audacity to Hope (borrowing from the honorable Barack Obama)

I keep telling myself this too will pass and things will be okay. But the absolute hating, crudeness, bullying, arrogant, smugness of those who “won” have not set well in my craw. In fact, I KNOW those who voted in the 44th president, did not behave that way; at least the ones I know. Ugly, ugly, ugly behavior that breaks my heart; and makes me dread the next four years.

However, I hope that those who have the power to stop it, will. That they will stand up and say enough! I take my cue from a compassionate, honorable human being and will have the audacity to hope.

I didn’t realize how much I would be grieving on the eve of the resistance. I do tire of fighting for what is right and just and good. But there is no way I will stop. I haven’t made it to 61.5 years of age just to give up or to stop working for the improvement of all lives’ standards of living.

But it will be darker before it is light.



About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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