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Fake News? Reader Be Educated.

I know two posts in one day. However, this perturbs me that people are upset with “fake News.” Uh, whose responsibility is it to fact-check, to understand, to be informed. The reader. While it would be nice if the writer … Continue reading

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After the shock, now the anger?

Fortunately this week has brought me plenty of work-idle brain time is not good since election day in America. My shock though has worn off and now I am angry. Angry that I didn’t participate more? No. I did my … Continue reading

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We all fall down

Travesty. Downright disgusting travesty to have blatant sexism, misogyny, racism, bigotry, and intolerance. In the White House. No decent, moral, respectful human should allow it. However, many Evangelical christians voted for the president-elect. Another reason I do not belong to … Continue reading

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Abrupt Reality Check

Angry? No not really. Disappointed? Absolutely! Scared? Somewhat. Afraid? Yes. The vortex of feelings this week after a minority of the voting population elected Drumpf for president of the US America. Despite the popular majority vote going to HRC. The … Continue reading

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