Lies, lies, everywhere lies = Fabrication

I cannot be the only one tired of the lies, really out right fabrications and no basis in truth. One particular persistent fabricator says such outrageous things that any thinking person should by now say, not again. However, his followers believe him. The media may not believe him, but they sure report his stories, keeping the followers aware and even aroused to his level of hatred.

I have feared that there will be a violent act of aggression to others involved in this election season. With the goading, the feeding of hate and fear, and the media reporting of it, I have no doubt we will see more violence and at a higher level. Social media, of course is a breeding ground, but journalists are part of the problem as well. Their reporting fans those flames of hatred to people who would rather act first, then think, if at all.

Voting third party is an option but only if you want to throw away your vote–at least in states where the gap between the two main presidential candidates is small. However, when it is very obvious how my state will go with its (outdated) electoral college delegates, I will vote third, fourth, even twelfth party candidates since I think we need to expand beyond the two entrenched parties “leading” our country.

Minorities, women, non-traditional people all have much to lose, except  only the white, uneducated minority seem to be yelling the loudest and seem to be the only ones being report about/on. They are bullying their way into our lives daily in a disgusting manner. I cannot shower enough; wash my mouth out enough; to remove the bad taste of stupidity.

I have canceled my television provider. I don’t need to pay for the lack of muckraking journalism. The sitcoms I might watch can be streamed with minimal ads, certainly no election ads! I mute the radio broadcasts or listen to BBC as well. I could just read more and go outside more where life is real. Yes, I think I will go for a run right now in fact!


About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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