Heavy sadness washing over me

Now police officers have been added to the list of “vermin.” Cop shootings to protest bad copy behavior; cop killings because the police officer is not white; cop killings just because every one else is doing it. ARGH! On top of that, open carry hinders the shooting scene since the police officers do not know who is shooting or who is “safe.” Open carry.

Too much hatred and those who support the potential Republican presidential candidate have already stated they will respond with force and violence if their candidate does not emerge from this coming week’s Republican Convention as THE Candidate for president. And nothing will stop them.

I am sickened by the presidential campaign thus far; even though I do know who I will not vote for and have no problem voting for several of the non-Republican candidates, it still has been such a disrespectful, stupid campaign. I dislike using the word stupid but I define it as someone who doesn’t know or chooses not to know and will not learn. Ignorant people do not know but have the desire to learn.

These same supporters of stupidity blame the violence on the current President; it is not his fault. He has asked Congress to help stop the massacres but Congress has ignored him. The current senate majority leader stated in the beginning of President Obama’s first term that he will do whatever he can to block this president. The house has followed suit. Sadly their bigotry, their fear of change, their “power” has corrupted themselves and encouraged hatred among those who have lost their way.

When Drumpf says “Let’s make America Great again” I hear “Let’s make America white again.” Sadly, they do not understand the history of the United States of America at all; it wasn’t white originally at all. Our forefathers were THE immigrants who came in and destroyed the established culture and people. And still are.

I look forward to this week with trepidation as the news will be all Republican Convention, unless of course we have more mass shootings. And even then it will continue to have the Drumpf flair for drama and fluff. I have not lost my way, but sadly many have. I am sad for them. But I am even more sad for those who do not speak up and stop their nonsense. And I feel anger growing at the ugliness promoted by so few that affects so many. Must turn that anger into something positive so it will not consume me.


About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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