Not sure what to title this. . .Lack of Board Training and Understanding of Responsibility?

Seven working days, ten days total,  before classes start the school board failed to support a 14-year teaching veteran in the district; 7 days! Yes, extenuating circumstances are there but this was a lose-lose situation. The fact that this negotiating went this late into the summer; the in-your-face tactics of a self-righteous person; one who knows his data, evidence, and what is best for students to a fault. A last attempt turn to public support in the local paper didn’t help this individual’s position. Not defending his tactics.

However, the present school board is so unprofessional; lacking in the knowledge of their responsibilities as they are walked over by bully administrators who have ganged up with two board members with personal, private agendas.  Bully administrators who have been empowered by a superintendent with no buy-in to a small rural community; no buy-in to teaching but definite buy-in to testing. Board members who use the gender discrimination to intimidate and force false “good of the students” intentions.

While the my own decision not to return was based on my recruitment by another educational institution, I left because of the writing on the wall. After seven principals (six in this school district) I knew their games, their “for the good of the children” BS. I was not going to be subject to selfish, BS-lies from a principal who didn’t even know the difference between the origin of a Cartesian Coordinate Grid and the null set. Who questioned phase-change demos and experiments in chemistry and physical science, asking how will these help the Algebra 1 students. . . (in a different class let alone different content).

Heavy sigh, tears, good-by to learning and hello preparation for THE tests.

Alone a time zone away from my family though makes my decision feel pushed out; home I am so eternally grateful for this opportunity.


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Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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One Response to Not sure what to title this. . .Lack of Board Training and Understanding of Responsibility?

  1. mentaldiva says:

    Seven of 14 teachers have left the high school this past year. One was non-renewed (probationary teachers); one pushed so finally school board revoked his initial contract for this school year, the rest left for better pastures. When 50% of your staff leave, isn’t anyone questioning the management? Two left from the Middle School (staff of 10); four from the elementary school (out of 17 teachers); five paraprofessionals at the elementary out of 10. Hey is there anyone on the school board paying attention??? Oh why yes there is one. . .who has been denied his rights (and obligations) to speak out, questions, and expect follow-ups and answers.

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