The Aftermath of the School Year

Two administrators resigned: superintendent and principal. The superintendent decided moving on was better than fighting dirty as some staff members were; the principal accepted an offer elsewhere with a bit more protection, more professional communities–in and out of the school environment.

Originally I thought I would leave if this happened as I am on my 6th superintendent and 7th principal but realized that stay or go, I will have a new superintendent and new principal to work with. Might as well stay where there is some security and realize that in three years I can apply for a fellowship or state education position and move on then.

However, I know that I have a few colleagues who are unethical, untrustworthy and a bit dangerous if they are crossed. I usually have enough preps to keep me out of the gossip lounge, halls, etc. but these are folks I would like to work with pleasantly but from a distance. The students are my first focus and fortunately that takes up most of if not all of my school time. Out side of school I have plenty of professional obligations that sitting around anywhere plotting the undermining of staff and administration is the last thing on my list, oh wait, it isn’t on my list. At all.

Sadly the wrong people prevailed for the wrong reasons and students will lose out–just not in my classroom, I hope!


About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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