Responsibilities of an adult child

In addition to the fiasco (s) going on within my district, my mother has had a much too close brush with death. It has even scared her enough that she is content to have us (my three sisters and I) schedule our time for her to have coverage–someone here with her.

She had carpel tunnel and arthritis surgery on her right hand which incapacitated that for awhile. Then she had a turn of events that are not clear as to what the cause was. She became hyponatremic (blood sodium dipped to 107 units (mg?) which made her very weak and susceptible to negative heart events and even congestive heart failure. As she was responding positively to that, she developed a slow internal blood leak which dropped her hemoglobin and hematacrit levels to 4 (12 is “normal”) units; four units of blood later and more rest, ekg, cat scans, and other test, finally she was released from hospital to a rehab facility for another 10 days and now has been home for a week.

I cannot retire at this time due to a commitment I made; however, I can attempt and am filling out an application for teaching in my mom’s hometown and neighboring towns so I can be closer or even live with her.

While her prognosis is good, it will take time for her to restore her confidence, her mental acuity (foggy due to the low sodium, low blood measures) and while she has accepted it I and my sisters are having a difficult time. Especially my youngest sister who lives 13.5 hours away but has the medical training to know the what, how and why of medical procedures and treatment. My mom feels safer with her here for that very fact. Now is the time we need to pull together and work as one despite our differences (and there are some major ones between the four of us sisters; my younger brother lives close and he is awesome but he has his own family to care for).

While my mom is scared she may have cardiac arrest or failure; I am scared I will lose her completely from this world. I am not ready for that. My mom is awesome! Open-minded, spiritual, kind, patience-although less so as she ages, and my only living parent. She has worked hard raising six children, married to a philanderer, an alcoholic she deserves time to enjoy her life.

The financial trials and tribulations of my district, their staffing patterns changes for no rhyme or reason seem so trivial to the needs of my mom; the needs of me.


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Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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One Response to Responsibilities of an adult child

  1. mental diva says:

    Mom’s sodium level drop was due to SIAD or SIADH, Syndrome of Inappropriate Anti-diuretic Hormones Secretion due to interaction of anesthesia and blood pressure medicine perhaps spurred on by hypothyroidism. Fortunately she is now on a different blood pressure medicine; doing GREAT, some short-term memory issues that should in and of themselves be short-term too.
    For half of the month of June though, she feared it could happen again and any time she felt confused thought it was. . .fortunately again her doctors reassured her (as if her daughters’ words were not enough) that it would/could not happen again without a trigger.
    Has been good to spend time with her though this summer. Certainly for my health as I have been able to schedule and stick to an exercise regime. . . finally!

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