The Long Haul

Being one of the highest paid teachers in my district-or close at least-makes the tough fiscal times even more difficult. I can afford to purchase materials and supplies out of my pocket; but other teachers cannot. I can afford to travel for professional development even when the district does not cover my expenses (even paying for my own subs). I can afford taking classes, online webinars and other educational opportunities.

But it also means that I am expensive. The District probably could hire two brand new no- experience, fresh-out of school teachers. And we are short 2 FTE’s in math and science already. The full time math teacher is being transferred to the middle school (they really do need better instruction which she can deliver) but our administrators in their infinite wisdom are going to absorb her position. Yes, I said absorb.

I may still be able to teach one science course (freshmen, 2 sections) but I could easily become the next full-time math teacher since I have endorsements in both math and science; have taught them all at one time or another. But there is a part of me that asks “Are they pushing me out?” “Do they want me to leave?”

The other science/math teacher only wants to teach the upper level classes; does not think anyone knows anything about education but real Ph. Ds. Certainly not educators. Worse he always has the “facts” and points out others mistakes; seldom if ever offers solutions unless someone else has suggested it.

I am struggling with this more than I thought I would. But due to my professional commitments I do not want to leave a high school setting; I could easily apply and be given a full time science position at the same middle school mentioned above; but I also have commitments to my colleagues across the country that voted me into a national office.

So I have been sending out resumes like flies on a pole. Only one automated reply back “Thanks for sending us your resume. If we a position becomes available that fits your qualifications we will contact you.”

The isolation, the feeling that I have outlived my welcome in this District, all overwhelm and mess with my emotions. I want to teach; I want to become better at my profession; I want to provide my students with opportunities not often available in rural, small schools. This time I am not content to just sit and wait to see what really evolves from this situation is not easy, a choice I am not making voluntarily or willingly.

Back to grading though and preparing for finals. . .


About mentaldiva

Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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2 Responses to The Long Haul

  1. mentaldiva says:

    Administration vision (if you want to call it that): Language Arts teacher taught for years in Alternative School and has 24+ math credits; their assignment will include both sections of Algebra 1 OR will teach one section of Algebra 1 and one section of Geometry and I will teach one section of each and “bring them along.”
    Said teacher met with principal and superintendent; came away from meeting with the understanding that they refused another teacher will have to be terminated so as to hire a math /science teacher.
    Love sacrificing at the high school for the elementary and middle school programs. Well not really but once again we are being hit for their failures; only this time hit hard.
    As the LA teacher said, the three highest paid teachers in the district are being “pushed” out. Well, not really. The powers that be know I will step up and do what is necessary for the students.
    Perusing the teaching want-ads; can go almost anywhere to teach math; several science positions as well. So perhaps I will be the monkey wrench in the “grand scheme.”

  2. mentaldiva says:

    Listening to the superintendent spell out the tough fiscal times ahead–but lets add a full time AD; full time music at elementary school (25 years never had full time music at elementary school; and I don’t begrudge learning music!); transferring math teacher to middle school; and then the cries of this can’t be; this math teacher has done so much; the HS cannot succeed with their presence. Whoa! What am I? Only good evaluations in 25 years; never under any probation or remediation. And expected to take it up another notch next year.
    Still not seeing the forest for the trees; but feeling more and more that I do not fit in. . .

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