Railroading can be interpreted a variety of ways. All and more are pertinent to this posting.
Being pushed without your consent—as in being railroaded into leaving, doing something you didn’t want to do, etc. This past 10 days I saw someone being railroaded. The people doing the railroading were not even directly involved with this person but their voice was heard over the voice of those directly impacted. When this happens, the railroading happened not just to the individual but to a group of people who lost control over their environment. Whew! There was and still is carnage to clean up. It may take all summer and even then, wreckage will be left in some hearts.
Another unexpected consequence is a train wreck: as mentioned above, not just the individual was affected but a collective group. From a friend are these additional thoughts: “Perhaps the goal was to only derail the engine, but the rest of the train wrecked as well. This does not mean that the train will never be put back upright and again haul its load in a positive direction. The process of putting the train back together is going to take time and hard work. The outside influences that contributed to this will not be with us to help us move forward and fix the train. Their job is done. They are satisfied. So we are left to heal, lick our wounds and learn from this. I guess. Time……time will help.”
Traveling via train—taking a journey, travel to new or old places, an adventure. When someone is railroaded, their life path changes, their mapped out journey comes to a fork in the road and the opportunities open up but not because they have planned to make changes in their journey at that time. However, there is a course correction and on one goes, traveling forward, learning new things, remembering old things. The tracks may not lead where you were planning on going but there are still tracks and you are still moving forward.
Engineering—building your life, your journey, your means to support yourself, oh so many different possibilities here. Those who railroaded you in the first place have become stuck in their own little world and have forgotten that persons different than themselves are not a threat but an opportunity to learn, grow, mature essentially to become more than they were before. They also have forgotten that they do not control others, that once you have been railroaded you can engineer a new path, a new life and with the knowledge gained a better journey forward.
All meanings come back to taking a journey—through life, through employment, through the world. Being railroaded is often mentioned in a negative way. However, the positive piece of being railroaded is that one has the opportunity to learn, to grow mentally and emotionally and to move forward with more knowledge and experience than those who railroaded. Those who railroad operate in fear, status quo and are sadly stuck in their journey’s track, with little hope of leaving their preconceived rail line (so to speak) with no transfers or sidetracks, at a loss why they failed and why their intended “victim” succeeded.


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Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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One Response to Railroading

  1. mentaldiva says:

    And the railroading continues. If the superintendent is in the building Fridays after 3:15 pm this time of year, watch out, someone is being terminated.

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