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Laying Down the Law

Found a rubric for good citizenship, active learner and supporter of diversity from a teacher evaluation website. Shared it with my students –the class that is most disrupted; they listened fairly well–however, I did re-assign three students to separate tables … Continue reading

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I have a group of immature freshmen-primarily boys-who have been allowed to travel through school for 8+ years without being held accountable.  When I say I have tried everything I can think of, all I can think is I still … Continue reading

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Passive-aggressive students

Gone for the day. Left a review of vocabulary and concept assignment for basic math class–left notes on white board; left instructions on white board. Students still did not follow instructions, did not even write the definitions of the two … Continue reading

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Paraprofessionals: Not really professional nor para

Paraprofessionals can provided much-needed support in the classroom. But when the paraprofessional is neither professional nor providing support for the student OR the teacher, then how does one handle this? Especially when the para is there to provide a service … Continue reading

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