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District Collaboration

We have early-release Wednesdays for collaboration with content and other staff. . . well that is we use to have collaboration. This year I have not had the opportunity to meet with my colleagues in content during this early-release time. … Continue reading

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Get on with your life

The elections are finally finally over.  Many times in my voting life I have not had the pleasure of voting for the winning candidate. My life went on, I continued to work towards the ideals I hold dearly. So do … Continue reading

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Curriculum Expert?

Our district has a TOSA-teacher on special assignment-who is now our district curriculum expert. Unfortunately she doesn’t know curriculum beyond elementary school level. Yet she is the expert, the one making recommendations for high school content courses in math, science, … Continue reading

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Professional or Paycheck

With the uprising in Wisconsin of teachers and other public employees, the conversations in my school have been interesting . . . oops; no they haven’t since they are not occurring! Sure we have had other topics to discuss: high … Continue reading

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