Scheduling Classes Must be Rocket Science

While making signs for my classroom door, I noticed that two science classes are scheduled  in the same room at the same time–well they are suppose to be taught in the science room with safety equipment. The schedule wasn’t that way two months ago; five weeks ago either. So between that time and August 6 something changed.  When I pointed this out to the secretary, the response was “Oh well.”

Apparently safety is not a concern. Let students perform labs in a regular classroom, it’s just freshmen and it’s just physical science.  Or the college chemistry class is suppose to move?

Oh we can just switch rooms when we are doing labs. Oh wait, some weeks we do mini-labs daily in both classes requiring safety equipment. Well there are online -simulations. . .like last year’s third section of physical science. . .hmm, wonder were these people get their ideas! The math classroom is not equipped to provide safe science lab activities–no eyewash, not enough extra goggles, no air exhaust system, no fire extinguisher, sand to but out other types of fires, spills, etc.  Hmm what part of science in science classrooms does one not understand?

Also, if switching rooms is part of the plan, wouldn’t it make sense to have the classes you switch rooms back-to-back so less time is loss in travel and set up? Oh no, that would make sense.


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Only dead fish go with the flow--I am not swimming upstream all the time, but I certainly do not merely go with the flow either. Professional female with expectations of equity living in a redneck community needing to express herself!
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2 Responses to Scheduling Classes Must be Rocket Science

  1. mentaldiva says:

    Comments from persons with “authority”:
    1, ” . . . not sure we can change the schedule; have to have the core freshmen classes coincide.”
    2. “Having this taken care of by______________.”
    3. “You can work this out if we cannot get it changed.”
    4. “You are switching rooms?”

  2. mentaldiva says:

    Now same secretary determines that teachers will spend their first few days of winter vacation grading and posting grades for report cards–oh wait, you can’t be done by the end of school on the last day before Christmas break? Oh you are going to teach and collect papers this week? Can’t you give your finals early in the week and have all your grades done before you leave Friday December 16?
    I guess we stop teaching, test a few days early and watch the students migrate.
    When will education be run by educators instead of secretaries for their convenience?

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